How can I save money on my move?

Papas answer:

1) Chose the right # of men for the job.

For small moves without flights of stairs, we recommend 2 men.

For 2 bedroom apts. and larger a 3 man crew is most efficient.

For larger whole house moves we recommend two trucks with 2 crew members in each truck. 

2) you can help carry if you are physically able. This saves time and money. 

3) Prepare ahead! The more you do ahead of time the more time you save on moving day.

How do I prepare my goods?

Papa’s answer: We are happy to deal with whatever preparations are not completed by moving day. If you have the time, there are some steps to take before moving day.

  • Fill boxes to the top and close and tape the top. Boxes that are not fully filled can crush in a stack and damage the contents. Overflowing boxes are time consuming for us to handle and do not stack. Use packing tape as masking tape has no strength. TAPE, do not do an interlock fold on the bottom of your boxes. The fold method is not strong enough. 
  • dismantle your beds and other take-apart furniture.
  • do not water plants for several days before moving them.
  • Empty drawers are best. Most modern furniture doesn’t have the strengh to travel with weighted drawers.
  • Leave the taping shut of drawers to us. We will use the stretch wrap and leave no gummy residue.


Does Papas Moving provide insurance for my furniture?

Papa’s answer: No. Please read info below. 

Consider a move as if you yourself are the mover. Then you will be more aware of the possible nicks, scrapes and even breakage that sometimes occur in the most careful of moves. We are not responsible for any damaged item. Your belongings are no longer in factory packed shipping boxes, as they were at purchase time. Prepare your goods as best you can. As your mover we will do the best we can. 


I’ll take this opportunity to explain the situation of insurance for Cartage companies in BC. If you are thinking of repair or replacement by us you should be aware of standard B.C. legislation covering cartage and moving. This requires us to insure the goods we transport for $1.00 per kilo. This specifically does not cover the function of mechanical or electronic devices. And of course $1 per kilo is almost non existent. This is why manufacturers use such careful styrofoam packing for new goods.
If you wish meaningful insurance from a cartage company you must purchase it. The big moving companies will sell you insurance.  Beyond the insurance premium, for them to insure your goods  you must pay them to inspect the goods, they must be the ones to pack the goods, they inventory the goods and at the destination they unpack, inspect, and inventory them. As this is expensive we do not even offer it as an option. 

Would I be libel for any personal injuries on my property?

No. All of our crew is covered by Work Safe BC.