Up Front Rates & Answers

2 man crew = $98/hour.  3 man crew = $128/hour

For extra large household moves, with a significant distance between Point A and Point B, we recommend the use of two trucks with a 2 man crew in each truck. This gives you the use of up to 40′ of truck box space – this is much more space than a 5 ton truck with a 24′ box., and 4 men to efficiently carry your goods. Please note when doing comparisons – IT IS TRUCK BOX DIMENSIONS, NOT TONNAGE THAT MATTERS IN LOCAL MOVES. With any size of crew, we are happy to have our customer carry as well, if the customer so wishes.

CHARGE TIME: 3 hours is the minimum charge

TRAVEL TIME: We also charge a minimum 60 minutes flat rate “travel time” per move, depending on your city. 
(30 minutes travel time for the time that brings us and our vehicle to your home, and 30 minutes travel time back to source). Please remember, in the moving business, the crew has already driven or bused to work. Work being their presence at our Papas Moving truck’s location, ready to head out. Their job and the truck’s expenses then begin and the flat rate travel time covers this. 

Real time travel is often much longer than we flat rate for. Papa’s Moving is willing to bear part of this burden.

FUEL CHARGE: We have a minimum fuel charge of $19, for the shortest move distances.

CHARGED SUPPLIES: hourly rates do not include supplies you may need from us such as our exceptionally high grade industrial strength stretch wrap. You may choose to purchase new plastic mattress covers at our cost of $7 each. Wardrobe boxes are available if requested @ $20 each

STAIR FEE: We respect the hard work our men do. Repeated labouring up stairs while carrying a heavy load can be especially stressful. So we have in place a minimal stair fee to honour this. We charge $1/hour per man per flight of stairs extra.

TAXES:  We collect 5% GST and no PST.

PAYMENT: Our rates are based on cash only. We accept major credit cards with a 3% fee. No cheques are accepted. Full payment is due when services are rendered – end of move.

 Bachelor – 3 to 4 hours
One bedroom – 3 to 6 hours
Two bedrooms – 5 to 8 hours
Three bedrooms – 7 to 10 hours
Remember, your move is unique. Talk to Brent (Papa) and let his 20 years of experience guide you through to a smooth move.

These are some variables to the length of time a move takes:

  • The volume of goods you have.
  • the degree of preparedness of the goods.
  • The distance between those goods and the nearest place our truck can park.
  • Any obstacles encountered such as indoor and outdoor stairs, elevators, and tight doorways. While we all tend to know our current place, many of us don’t know the potential obstacles of our new home.
  • The number of things needing to be dismantled: such as beds, glass furniture parts, L shaped desks, oversized furniture. You may have these prepared ahead of time – or – we like and are good at dismantling and protecting goods. We carry the necessary tools for assembly work.
  • How much help you need in your new home. Do you want the furniture re-assembled, re-arranged? We are able to flex to meet your needs.