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Our fees are based on Hourly Rate + Travel Time + Gas + Stair Fee + GST

Hourly Rates

3-ton 20ft box truck moving rates with a 3-hour minimum charge

$120 / hour for two movers and a 3-ton truck

$150 / hour for three movers and a 3-ton truck

$35 / hour per extra person needed after the 3-mover rate

Travel Time

Travel is the time for the truck to your current location, plus the time for the truck to return after your move is complete. Your travel time will be discussed and committed to during your booking call using Google Maps. As a reference, here are some estimated times.

30 minutes each way for moves within Vancouver

35 minutes each way for Richmond, New West, or Burnaby Central

40 minutes for West Vancouver, North Vancouver, North Burnaby, Delta, Surrey, Ladner, Coquitlam, Langley, or White Rock

For example, your move is from Vancouver to Langley. You will be charged 30 minutes for the Vancouver portion and 40 minutes for our truck to return from Langley.

Gas Surcharge

$30 minimum and then up depending on the distance driven with your belongings. The surcharge will be quoted during your booking call.

Stair Fee

Ground-level buildings or apartments with elevators and with no stairs used are not charged.

If you require our people to use stairs, this is a significant extra effort. So we charge an additional fee that is passed on in full to the person. This rate is $1 per mover per flight of stairs per hour.


A 5% GST is applied to all moves, and we do not charge the 7% PST.


We accept Debit, Cash, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express - If credit is chosen, we charge a 3% transaction fee.

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